RFC Series

Spring Challenge

The RIVERFRONT CHALLENGE is an annual event for runners, walkers, and cyclists. Participants can choose between 2 challenge options, "Rugged" or "Relaxed". Runners choose either a 12k (7.5m) or a 5k (3m) run; Walkers choose either a 5k (3m) or 1 mile walk; Cyclists will ride 12 to 18 miles. Participants have 90 minutes to complete their challenge and qualify for a special raffle drawing to be held at the Ice Cream Social sponsored by Turkey Hill from 10:30 to noon. This is a TIMED Challenge and prizes will be awarded to the top finishers!

Winter Challenge

The Frosty Footrace will take place on the Percival's Island trail within the James River Heritage Trail system. Runners and walkers will cross onto Percival's Island, cross the James River bridges and travel the 2 miles to Fertilizer Hill parking lot, eat 2 (3.2 oz) cups of TURKEY HILL ICE CREAM and then run the 2 miles back to the Percival Island Parking lot.(2x2x2) The goal is to do all this in under 1 hour. This challenge is for beginners and experts alike, but the twist of the ice cream will level the playing fields. Youth of all ages are encouraged to participate in this event also! This is a TIMED Countdown Challenge!


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